SRA Membership is changing starting January 1st, 2015


Beginning January 1st membership will be required for all individuals participating in classes or independent rowing with the exception of Learn to Row, Row for a Day and Youth Recreational Classes. Membership will give you access and use of our facilities including the gym (ergs, weights, machines), locker rooms and bathrooms. Membership no longer includes the use of small boats and oars. In order to row independently a new “Independent Rowing Card” must be purchased on a quarterly basis to take out any boats. To learn more about the IRC click HERE

How to keep your Membership in good standing:

  1. Pay for membership online or via check to SRA

  2. Read the SRA Rower’s Handbook and watch the US Rowing Safety Video.                             

  3. Sign the online US Rowing Liability Waiver at this link. Enter FTA9E under “Athletes” for the club code.                                                                                                                                      Note: Our liability insurance is through US Rowing, so to be covered under our insurance, everyone must sign the US Rowing waiver annually. You DO NOT need to pay for an individual US Rowing membership unless you will be racing at a US Rowing sponsored regatta. We will let you know if that is the case.

  4. Complete and turn in a signed float test if you have not already done so. The float test is valid for 5 years.

Membership FAQ

Will membership pay for equipment and the boat house?

Yes and no. 

a)      Rowing Equipment: Our primary aim for fundraising has shifted entirely to rowing equipment.  Now we have a roof on our boathouse, this has the most tangible and immediate effect on our overall rowing experience.  We are pleased with progress and excited that our gala brought in $90,000 for equipment in 2015. We also made the announcement that we just purchased a new Pocock 2x for the club that should arrive in mid-January.

b)      Equipment repairs, ergs, etc.:  These will be paid out of the operating budget.  On the ergs, we have determined a plan to be able to cycle through new ergs on a 4 year basis (6 ergs per year).  In the first 4 years, we will sell old ergs and buy new ones.  By year 4, no erg will be more than 4 years old.  This will improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs and because of the high resale value of ergs, the expenses of staying current are vastly reduced.

c)       New Boathouse.  To accelerate the completion the boathouse and meet the conditions of our shoreline permit, the board has approved outside financing.  The servicing of these loans has been built into the operating budget and is therefore shared across the entire club.  As part of this process, our club financial standing and processes and have been reviewed externally and approved by the lender.  The next phase will be opening of the gym which is targeted for spring 2015.