Policies and Rules

 Main Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of all individual members and class/team participants are to participate in rowing and Association activities, observe the rules and volunteer in areas that lead to the success and development of SRA.

SRA seeks to provide an atmosphere where anyone can develop their rowing skills to the level they desire and develop a fellowship with other rowers at SRA and within the larger Seattle rowing community.

Members and class participants are encouraged to attend the annual club meeting in January. In addition, all are welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings and Volunteer Committee meetings.

All rowers receive the email newsletter and periodic emails about upcoming events at SRA. If your email address changes, please send your new address to the Director. Membership in USRowing is required for participation in Regional and National regattas.

Click here for a printable version of the complete 2016 SRA Rower’s Handbook, which includes information on the parking lot traffic flow, class and team policies, safety policies, boathouse policies, equipment policies, and regatta policies.

Use the SRA Reimbursement Request Form to request reimbursement from SRA for authorized expenses. Please include the form and all receipts in an envelope and deposit them in the director’s drop-box at the boathouse.

In 2014, SRA revised its bylaws to bring them more in line with the way the organization operates, and to provide a clearer and more inclusive definition of membership.

The updated bylaws are available here: SRA Bylaws Amended 2014-11-19.