Parking Lot

The parking lot that services SRA can sometimes be a challenge, especially during Junior practice drop off and pickup. Entering and exiting the parking must be as orderly as possible in order to avoid accidents. Please do the following:

  • Enter the parking lot through the south gate(furthest from Marymoor) and exit through the north gate( closest to Marymoor).
  • When dropping off or picking up your athlete, after entering the south gate, please turn immediately left and drive as far towards the north gate as possible, so as to allow others to enter the parking lot.
  • When dropping off or picking up your athlete do not drive straight into the south parking lot. There is no easy way to turn around and there will be cars attempting to leave.
  • Beware of bicyclers, runners, walkers, etc. when exiting the parking lot. Be sure to look both ways before exiting the parking lot. We ask that you only take a right turns out of the parking lot. You can turn around at the next street if you need to go left on the parkway.
  • Don’t ever park on West Lake Sammamish Parkway, even short-term. Police do monitor this.
  • Do not drive down the gravel path the boathouse unless you are transporting something that is too heavy to carry.
  • Do not park blocking the entrance to the boathouse path as it must remain open for emergency vehicles.

For rowers who park in the lot:

  • Our parking lot falls within Marymoor Park where parking permits are required by King County. For more information and to purchase, click here
  • We have limited parking. Rowers are encouraged to carpool in general.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, all Junior athletes and their cars need to be clear of the parking lot by 6:15 to make room for adult classes that start at 6:30.
  • Be very careful with your vehicle and others when in the parking lot. The space is tight, and damage can be done if drivers are not careful, be it driving or opening doors.
  • Never leave valuables of any kind in your car! We have had several break-ins over the last few years. The targets are usually cars with items of value left in plain sight. Any valuable items should be brought to the boathouse which is always either locked or occupied during practice.

Parking Lot Diagram