Safety Policies

This document is intended for the purposes of outlining our safety policies for all rowers at the Sammamish Rowing Association. It is not the complete and detailed set of rules and policies. You are still responsible for reading and abiding by the rules set forth in the 2016 SRA Rower’s Handbook.

Basic Reminders:

  • Sculling desk and all first aid supplies are located in the back of the boathouse by the bathroom.
  • Please make sure to turn lights off and lock up every time you leave the boathouse.
  • Black mail box is located in the boathouse just inside the side door.
  • Rowers are required to wear high visibility clothing to go on the water without a coach. It is highly recommended that all rowers, even those with a coach wear high visibility gear.
  • Report all damage immediately by using the clipboard located on the wall by the shop.
  • Extra spacers and spare parts can be found on the wall by the shop.

Oar Handles/Erg Handles: Wipe off with disinfectant wipe before each row/erg. You may want to have one person wipe off all the oar handles as the rowers carry them out the door. Make sure to throw all wipes in the trash when finished.

Damage/Repairs: Report all damage immediately. If you are in a class please report directly to your coach. If you are rowing independently all damage should be logged on the clipboard that is hanging on the wall by the shop. Please put a “Do Not Use” sign on the boat if it is not safe to row. Extra spare parts are available in the parts bin that is hanging on the wall to the right of the shop door.

Boat Lights: If any part of the row will be in the dark, attach red/green light to bow and white light to the stern. Safety Committee requires both team rowers and scullers buy their own wearable lights i.e. bicycle lights or headlamps. All boats must have blinking white light in bow and a steady white light in the stern. Boats without these are not allowed to row in the dark. Non‐working lights should be hung on the hook labeled “not working”. Extra batteries are provided in the spare parts box and rowers should try to replace batteries before hanging on the “not working” hook.

 Weather: Rowing is prohibited under the following conditions: thunder/lightening, white caps, fog, or freezing temperatures. If there is ice on the water or on the dock, or the potential for ice forming while out rowing, do not row.

Traffic Pattern(See Lake Sammamish Map):

In Slough

  • Keep land to your starboard side at all times (except when docking)
  • Stay on the paddle at ALL times
  • Northbound traffic (heading back to the dock) has the right or way
  • No passing
  • Look behind you every three strokes in boats without a coxswain

Water Ski Course

  • Stop to check for skiers before crossing course at the mouth of the lake
  • Do not stop on the course
  • Make all adjustments well outside the course

On the Lake

  • Stay inside the buoys while heading southbound (being careful of sandbar and swimmers near Idylwood)
  • Stay outside the buoys while heading northbound
  • Outside of traffic pattern move to your starboard side to avoid any oncoming traffic regardless of the direction you are travelling
  • Look behind you every 10 strokes in boats without a coxswain

At the Dock

  • Pull directly in to the dock bow first (facing north)
  • Dock is first come first serve basis

AED:SRA is part of the SeattleKing County Community Responder CPRAED Program. Our coaches are SRA first responders but should it be necessary to use the AED without a first responder present, call 9‐1‐1 for instructions. WA has a “Good Samaritan Law” that protects responders unless there is gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct. Note the posters and protocols by AED, which is currently located in the foyer of the boathouse by the elevator. We encourage all rowers to take CPR AED training.

 Telephone Procedures: Emergency script is next to AED cabinet in foyer. Use that when asked to call 911. There is also a script located by the sculling desk in the boathouse, and in the Safety Manual located in the first aid cabinet. There is a landline phone in the elevator that can be used in case of emergency if a cellphone is not readily available.

 Boathouse 1st Aid Supplies: All first aid supplies are located in the tall white cabinet next to the sculling desk in the boathouse. Please inform a coach if you are injured, so only coaches are in and out of 1st aid supplies.

Bathrooms: Please keep them clean. Toilet paper and extra supplies can be found in the white cabinet above the washer dryer. If trash is full please put in a new bag and put the full on in the trash can located by the black box. Locker and shower areas should also be clean at all times. Please remove all gear from lockers when you leave. No soaps, shampoo, etc. should be left in shower area. Please try and be conscious of our water bill and keep your shower time to a minimum.

Life Vests: All coxless boats are required to carry life vests. Vests must be worn when water temperature is below 60 degree and/or you are rowing alone or are under the age of 18. Vest can be stored in boat as long as temperature of water is above 60 degrees and you are rowing with others.

To inflate, pull pocket tab down forcefully. If a coach is unaware you have flipped use the whistle in the vest . . . and STAY WITH THE BOAT! The fanny pack type life vests also have a tab to pull and once deployed must be turned around to the front. Fanny packs must be worn and cannot be stowed in the boat.

Flipping Procedure:

1. Try and right the boat and re‐enter IF it is appropriate to do so in the boat you are in.

2. If unable or inappropriate, STAY WITH THE BOAT.

3. If no immediate help will be coming, push the boat to nearest shore.

4. If you are unable to do that, use the whistle to summon help

Ergs and Weights: All members have access to our ergs and weights. Classes do have priority during their scheduled time slot.

  • You must have a partner in order to do any weight lifting
  • Wipe down erg handles before use
  • Wipe down all equipment after use and return to proper place in gym
  • Report any damage or issues and put a “Do Not Use” sign on broken equipment
  • DO NOT remove ergs from boathouse
  • Ergs on the deck are ok as long as they have a red mat underneath them

Launches *this is for classes only: Must contain the following whenever used on the water:

  • 2 flotation seat pads
  • Sealed bag with 9 PFDs (cox + 8 rowers)
  • Paddle and bailer
  • Ladder
  • Megaphone
  • Black Tool Box:
    • Emergency space blankets (9)
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Trauma kit/mini first aid kit
    • Tow rope
    • Flashlight
    • Drowning kit

*Make sure plug is in transom prior to putting launch into the water. Pull plug once launch is back on trailer.

*Make sure to take gas out when launch is not in use.

*Make sure to close and lock the gas locker at all times

*Make sure there are no feral cats hiding in the launch before putting it in the water.

*Make sure all cushions, life vests, spot lights and bow lights are returned to storage room when launch is not in use.

Storing Your Gear: Gear must be stored in the cubbies in the gym upstairs during practice. Gear should not be left anywhere else. Keeping things off of the floor helps keep us all a little bit safer from tripping. Also use cubbies on the dock and do not leave items out on dock.

Water Bottles: Do not leave your water bottles lying around. People have been injured tripping over them. Keep them on your person or in your bag. If you put it down to carry oars or the boat it is almost guaranteed you will forget it and leave it forever behind making it someone else’s problem. Please use reusable water bottles and cover any aluminum or heavy bottles with a sock, rubber band or some type of cushion to prevent it from rolling around and causing damage to the interior of the boat. All water bottles left at boathouse will be discarded.

Rodents: Leave no food, food wrappers or food containers in the boathouse. Take it all with you when you leave. Also do not try to approach or pet feral cats.

Pets: Unauthorized animals are not allowed on SRA property. For the safety of our rowers and because we are in a wetlands which does not allow dogs, please leave your pets at home.

Feral Cats: SRA does have two feral cats that serve to keep our rodent population down without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Both cats are black and white and you may see them around the boathouse. These are feral, meaning they are wild and should not be touched no matter how cute they look. Please don’t try to approach the cats and do your best not to frighten them.