Learn To Row Classes

1. Sign Up for Class

Choose a class below, then click on the appropriate button. If you don’t see the button below, registration is not yet available. While registering you will have the option of paying online with a credit card or sending a check to our PO Box 3309, Redmond, WA 98073. For any registration questions, cancellations or changes, submit an email to registration.

2. Pass the Float Test

New rowers must pass a Float Test prior to rowing, and returning rowers must re-test every five years. SRA does not conduct tests, so follow instructions on the Float Test Form to identify a location, complete the test, and obtain lifeguard signature. Be sure to bring your signed form to the first day of class, or send to our mailing address.

3. Sign a US Rowing Waiver

Sign the online US Rowing Liability Waiver at this link. Enter FTA9E under “Athletes” for the club code.   Note: Our liability insurance is through US Rowing, so to be covered under our insurance, everyone must sign the US Rowing waiver annually. You DO NOT need to pay for an individual US Rowing membership unless you will be racing at a US Rowing sponsored regatta. We will let you know if that is the case.

Adult Learn to Row Classes

Learn to Row (LTR) is a beginner’s series consisting of two one-month sessions: LTR I and LTR II. Classes are held twice weekly for each month (8 classes per month).  Participants successfully completing LTR I (schedule), will be encouraged to sign up for a LTR II class (schedule ) the following month.  After successful completion of LTR II, rowers will have the options to choose team or independent rowing or both.   See additional information for new rowers (below).
Learn to Row I
This class is designed for anyone who wants to learnltr fun how to row!  You will learn fundamentals of rowing, including the rowing stroke, water safety, equipment orientation, and basic land training.  Class participants will learn the basic stroke in boats of up to eight people.  All participants must bring a completed float test to the first day of the class.  Come down and experience the graceful and powerful sport of rowing!
Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:40pm-8:40pm
MAY May 4th - May 27th
JUNE June 1st - June 24th
JULY July 6th – July 29th
AUGUST August 3rd – August 26th
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 5:00am-7:00am
JUNE June 2nd – June 25th
JULY July 7th – July 30th
AUGUST August 4th – August 27th
Tuesday & Thursday Mid-day 9:30am-11:30am
MAY May 5th – May 28th
JULY July 7th – July 30th
AUGUST August 4th – August 27th

Learn to Row II

In order to sign up for Learn to Row II, you must have completed LTR I at SRA. An equivalent experience must be approved through the office and a safety session must be attended in advance of the first day of class.

ltr 2 funLearn to Row II is appropriate for adults who have successfully completed LTR I classes or an equivalent.  In the 2nd month of this beginner’s series, you will continue to learn the fundamentals of rowing in 1, 2 or 4-person boats.  Rowers will be introduced to sweep rowing as part of the LTR II class program.  Most practices will be on-the-water training with some erg and land instruction as well.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:40pm-8:40pm
JUNE June 1st – June 24th
JULY July 6th – July 29th
AUGUST August 3rd – August 26th
SEPTEMBER September 2nd – September 30th
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 5:00am-7:00am
JULY July 7th – July 30th
AUGUST August 4th – August 27th
Tuesday & Thursday Mid-day 9:30am-11:30am
JUNE June 2nd – June 25th
SEPTEMBER September 1st – September 24th

Information for New Rowers

Float Test: The SRA float test must be completed before the first day of class. Please print the float test form found at the back of the Adult Registration Packet and take the form to any local pool with a lifeguard (i.e. YMCA, municipal pool, health club.) The lifeguard will have you jump in the pool and tread water for 10 min. Wear shorts and a tee-shirt that you do not mind getting wet, as the lifeguard will require you to complete the test with clothes on (to simulate a boat accident.)
Sculling v Sweep Rowing: Sculling involves using two oars per person, usually in smaller boats (1, 2 or 4 people.) Sweep rowing involves each rower using one longer oar in larger boats (4-8 people.)
What to Wear: Please come to the first day of class wearing tennis shoes, comfortable long pants (unless very warm outside), and several top layers including a tee-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and warm outer layer. Our boathouse is unheated, so dressing in warm layers will ensure a comfortable experience!


Frequently Asked Questions (LTR)

Why don’t we go on the water during the first week of class?

Because at SRA, safety always comes first! You need a solid knowledge and safety base before going on the water. In order to prepare you for lake time, the first two classes teach you the basics: safety precautions, the boathouse routine, the rowing stroke, rowing terminology and coxswain commands. You will also watch a required Rowing Safety DVD and practice the stroke on dock rowers.

What should I wear once we are on the water?

Spandex or athletic fit clothing works best! The snugger the clothing the better. Loose pants and shorts can get caught in the seat slides and loose tops can get caught on the oar handle. For safety, SRA requires all independent rowers to wear high visibility (high viz) clothing.  Other boaters may not see you and your boat if you are wearing dark clothing.  High Viz clothing is very “in” right now so you can easily find apparel at most athletic stores and online.

I’m going to miss the first class during my LTR I session. Can I still take the class?  

NO! All the required safety information is covered in the first class. If you will miss the first day, you must arrange IN ADVANCE THROUGH THE OFFICE to attend a make-up class, otherwise plan to sign up for a different month.

I’ve missed a class, so can I make it up during a different class?

Yes! Except for the first class of LTR I, make-up classes can be arranged through your LTR coach. Let your coach know about your absence ASAP and which make-up class will work best. Look at the schedules above to determine which of the other classes (offered at different times during the same month) you can attend as a make-up. Make-up classes are arranged coach to coach in advance to confirm space is available for you. If you miss more than one class without making it up, you will need to repeat (and pay for) the entire LTR session to advance in the program.

My work schedule is irregular. Would it be possible to attend multiple classes during the sessions?

Yes. If you have a work schedule that changes frequently or is irregular, we will try our best to accommodate you. The key is to let your primary coach know, in advance, so they can help you make arrangements through the office and other coaches.

I’ve really enjoyed LTR and want to continue rowing. What is the next step after LTR I & II?

After you complete the LTR series, you have a couple of options. If you prefer team rowing, then sign up for a Novice team class, which are offered early morning, mid-morning or evenings. Classes meet three times per week and are focused on building technique and endurance. Novice rowers have a choice to compete in local regattas.

A second option after completing the LTR series is to become an independent rower. You must also successfully complete a flip test and a sculling checkout. Both are done the last class of your LTR 2 session.

My schedule has changed. Is it possible to switch to a different class time?

Yes. Please email info ASAP and let them know which class you are currently attending, which class will work, and the date you need to transfer. Switches are subject to space availability, as classes fill quickly.

I have some experience rowing with a different club and would like to row with SRA.  What class should I start with?

We are so glad you want to join us! Depending on your skill level, your rowing history and when you last rowed, we have a couple of different classes you may join, but YOU MUST HAVE OFFICE APPROVAL AND ATTEND A SAFETY SESSION IN ADVANCE of the first day of class. Please contact the office to discuss the following options:

  • If you have at least 1 month (minimum 16 hours) of sculling experience, we recommend you sign up for our LTR 2 class.
  • If you have had two months or more of rowing experience, we recommend you join one of our Novice teams.
  • If you have rowed for 6 months or more, but it has been a few years since you’ve rowed, you may join the Novice team to find your swing and then move up to the experienced class when you feel confident. You may jump into an experienced class, but only after discussing your rowing history with the office and the class’s coach.