Learn To Row Classes

Sign Up for Class

1. Choose a class below, then click on the button to link to the registration page. Member and Non-Member, or other pricing options may apply. If you don’t see the button below, registration is not yet available.
2. While registering you will have the option of paying online with your credit card or sending a check to our mailing address.
3. For registration questions, cancellations or changes, submit an email to info.

Pass the Float Test

1. New rowers must pass a Float Test prior to rowing, and returning rowers must re-test every five years (not necessary for Winter Conditioning classes).
2. SRA does not conduct tests, so follow instructions on the Float Test Form to identify a location, complete the test, and obtain lifeguard signature.
3. Bring your signed form to the first day of class, or send to our mailing address.

Adult Learn to Row Classes

“Learn to Row” is a series of two sessions, each with 8 classes over one month.  Participants successfully completing Learn to Row I (schedule), will be encouraged to continue with the beginning program series by signing up for a Learn to Row II (schedule ) class the following month.  After these two beginning classes, rowers will be able to choose a team rowing or sculling track.   See additional information for new rowers (below).
Learn to Row I
This class is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to row!  You will learn fundamentals of rowing, including the rowing stroke, water safety, equipment orientation, and basic land training.  Class participants will learn the basic sculling stroke in boats of one, two or four people.  All participants must complete a float test by the first day of the class.  Come down and experience the graceful and powerful sport of rowing!
Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:40pm-8:40pm
Coach: Shane deLeuw
AUGUST August 4th – August 27th Wait List Only
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 5:00am-7:00am
Coach: Lia Roberds
AUGUST August 5th – August 28th Wait List Only
Tuesday & Thursday Mid-Day 9:30am-11:30am
Coach: Melanie Barstow
AUGUST August 5th – August 28th
Tuesday & Thursday Evening 6:40pm-8:40pm
Coach: Bronyn Heubach
AUGUST August 5th – August 28th

Learn to Row II
In order to sign up for Learn to Row II you must have completed Learn to Row 1.
Learn to Row II is appropriate for adults who have taken at least one full session of “Learn to Row” classes or equivalent.  You will continue to learn the fundamentals of rowing, and will focus mainly on sculling in 4 or 2 person boats.  Rowers will also get exposure to both single-person sculls and some sweep rowing as part of the class program.  Most practices will take place on-the-water, and there will be some erg and land instruction as well.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:40pm-8:40pm
Coach: TBA
AUGUST August 4th – August 27th
SEPTEMBER September 3rd – September 29th
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 5:00am-7:00am
Coach: TBA
AUGUST August 5th – August 28th
SEPTEMBER September 2nd -September 25th
Tuesday & Thursday Mid-Day 9:30am-11:30am
Coach: TBA
AUGUST August 5th – August 28th
SEPTEMBER September 2nd – September 25th

* Please remember that LTR 2 is only open to those who are currently enrolled in or have completed LTR 1

Information for New Rowers

Float Test: The SRA float test must be completed before the first day of class. To complete, please bring the float test form found at the back of the Adult Registration Packet to any local pool with a lifeguard (i.e. YMCA, municipal pool, health club.) The lifeguard will have you jump in the pool and tread water for 10 min. Please wear shorts and a tee-shirt that you do not mind getting wet, as the lifeguard will require that you complete the test with clothes on (to simulate a boat accident.)
Sculling v Sweep Rowing: Sculling involves the use of two shorter oars, generally taking place in smaller boats (1 or 2 people.) Sweep rowing involves each rower using one longer oar, and generally takes place in larger boats (4-8 people.) Sculling classes are smaller in number, capping at 6 people. Sweep classes may have anywhere from 8-30 members per class.
What to Wear: Please come to the first day of class wearing tennis shoes, comfortable long pants (unless very warm outside), and several top layers including a tee-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and warm outer layer. Please note that our boathouse does not have heat, so dressing in warm layers will ensure a comfortable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (LTR)

Why don’t we go on the water during the first week of class? At SRA we want to make sure you have a solid knowledge and safety base before going out on the water. In order to do this we take the first two classes to teach you the basic rowing stroke, show you a Rowing Safety DVD, get you familiar with rowing terminology and coxswain commands, as well as have you practice rowing and turning on our Oarmasters.

What should I wear once we are on the water? Spandex! The tighter fitting the clothing the better, especially on the bottom as loose pants and shorts can get caught in the seat slides. As well, tighter fitting clothing up top will help alleviate your oar handle getting caught up in loose fabric.   SRA requires all independent scullers to wear high visibility (high vis) clothing when rowing in small boats during daylight hours, as well as when it’s dark out.  It is difficult for other boats to see you and your boat if you are wearing dark clothing.  High Vis clothing is very “in” right now so you can easily find apparel at most athletic stores and online.

I’m going to miss the first class during my LTR session. Can I still take the class? No. Unfortunately we cover all of the safety information and important boat handling  skills in the first t classes. If you are able to attend another class during the same session for the first class we can arrange for that so that you can participate for that month.

I’ve missed a class, can I make it up during a different class? Yes! If you know in advance you are going to miss a class (that isn’t during the first week) email your coach as soon as possible to let them know. As well, let your coach know which session you would like to attend as a make up class. Your coach will email the coach of the session you will attend so they are aware you are coming. We have 3 different class times you can attend to make up a missed class. Please refer to this webpage (http://sammamishrowing.org/adult-program/adult-classes/learn-to-row-classes#Learn_To_Row_II) for a schedule of the classes. If you miss more than one class without making it up you will need to repeat the LTR class in order to move on.

My work schedule is irregular. Would it be possible to attend multiple classes during the sessions? Yes. If you have a work schedule that changes frequently or is irregular we will try to accommodate you as best we can. The key is to let the coaches know in advance that you will be attending their classes so they can keep you in mind when making boat lineups.

I’ve really enjoyed LTR and want to continue rowing. What is the next step after LTR 1 and 2? After you complete the LTR series you have a couple of options. If you want to continue to row on a team we recommend that you join the Novice team at a time convenient for your schedule (early morning, mid-morning, evening). These classes meet three times per week and are focused on building technique and endurance. Many of the Novice rowers compete in local regattas as well as move on to the experienced classes.

A second option is to become a member of the club. We offer a year membership as well as a summer membership. In order to become a member you must successfully complete a flip test and go through the sculling checkout, completed during the last class of your LTR 2 session. You may sign up to become a member on our website at http://sammamishrowing.org/about-sra/membership/individual-membership.

The class session I am currently taking doesn’t work for my schedule as I thought it would. Is it possible to switch into a different class time? Yes. Please email info and let them know which class you are currently attending, which class you would like to be switched into, and what date you plan on attending the different time. This is subject to availability as classes fill up quickly.

I have some experience rowing with a different club and would like to row with SRA.  What class should I start with? We are so glad you want to join us! Depending on your skill level and how long you have been rowing/how long it has been since you have rowed, we have a couple of different classes you may join.

  • If you have at least 1 month (minimum 16 hours) of sculling experience we recommend you sign up for our LTR 2 class.
  • If you have had two months or more of rowing experience we recommend you join one of our Novice teams.
  • If you have rowed for 6 months or more, or it has been a few years since you’ve rowed you may join the Novice team to get back into the swing of things and move up to the experienced class when you feel confident. Or you may jump right into an experienced class after discussing your experience with the current coach of the class you would like to join.