Adult Sculling Classes

All rowers need to purchase a membership in order to take classes at SRA. 2016 Adult Membership is $300 annually but will be done on a biannual basis (January and July). Membership provides access to our facilities (ergs, weights, bathrooms) during non-class hours. It also allows for priority registration in our programs. To row independently during non-class times a separate Independent Rowing Card (IRC) must be purchased.

1. Sign Up for Class

Choose a class below, then click on the appropriate button. If you don’t see the button below, registration is not yet available. While registering you will have the option of paying online with a credit card or sending a check to our PO Box 3309, Redmond, WA 98073. For any registration questions, cancellations or changes, submit an email to

2. Pass the Float Test

New rowers must pass a Float Test prior to rowing, and returning rowers must re-test every five years. SRA does not conduct tests, so follow instructions on the Float Test Form to identify a location, complete the test, and obtain lifeguard signature. Be sure to bring your signed form to the first day of class, or send to our mailing address.

3. Sign a US Rowing Waiver

Sign the online US Rowing Liability Waiver at this link.   Note: Our liability insurance is through US Rowing, so to be covered under our insurance, everyone must sign the US Rowing waiver annually. You DO NOT need to pay for an individual Championship US Rowing membership unless you will be racing at a US Rowing sponsored regatta. We will let you know if that is the case. However, if you do not have a paid membership there is a small filing fee to sign the online waiver.

*All rowers must have completed both Learn to Row 1 & 2 and meet the criteria listed for each class in order to register.

Introduction to Independent Rowing

This class is designed for rowers coming out of our Learn to Row Series who intend to purchase Independent Rowing Card (IRC’s) but are looking for more small boat sculling instruction including: how to carry singles alone, docking practice, more sculling coaching, steering skills and an opportunity to gain more confidence on the water before going out on their own.

Class Day Time Dates Cost

Every Saturday from 6:30am-8:30am this group gathers to take out small boats and work on skills while enjoying the company of other independent scullers. Members are able to take out 1x’s and 2x’s and decide the workout and technical focus with the group. There will NOT be direct coaching during the “Buddy Rows”. *A current Independent Rowing Card is required. No need to register!

Information for New Rowers

Float Test: The SRA float test must be completed before the first day of class. To complete, please bring the float test form found at the back of the Adult Registration Packet to any local pool with a lifeguard (i.e. YMCA, municipal pool, health club.)

The lifeguard will have you jump in the pool and tread water for 10 min. Please wear shorts and a tee-shirt that you do not mind getting wet, as the lifeguard will require that you complete the test with clothes on (to simulate a boat accident.)

Sculling v Sweep Rowing: Sculling involves the use of two shorter oars, generally taking place in smaller boats (1 or 2 people.) Sweep rowing involves each rower using one longer oar, and generally takes place in larger boats (4-8 people.) Sculling classes are smaller in number, capping at 8 people. Multi-discipline classes may have anywhere from 8-50 members per class.

What to Wear: Please come to the first day of class wearing tennis shoes, comfortable long pants (unless very warm outside), and several top layers including a tee-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and warm outer layer. Please note that our boathouse does not have heat, so dressing in warm layers will ensure a comfortable experience!  SRA requires all independent scullers to wear high visibility (high vis) clothing when rowing in small boats during daylight hours, as well as when it’s dark out.  It is difficult for other boats to see you and your boat if you are wearing dark clothing.  High Vis clothing is very “in” right now so you can easily find apparel at most athletic stores and online.