Adult Competitive Team

New this year all rowers will need to purchase a membership in order to take classes at SRA. Membership is $180 annually but will be done on a biannual basis (January and July). Membership provides access to our facilities (ergs, weights, bathrooms) during non-class hours. It also allows for priority registration in our programs. To row independently during non-class times a separate Independent Rowing Card (IRC) must be purchased.

1. Sign Up for Class

Choose a class below, then click on the appropriate button. If you don’t see the button below, registration is not yet available. While registering you will have the option of paying online with a credit card or sending a check to our PO Box 3309, Redmond, WA 98073. For any registration questions, cancellations or changes, submit an email to registration.

2. Pass the Float Test

New rowers must pass a Float Test prior to rowing, and returning rowers must re-test every five years. SRA does not conduct tests, so follow instructions on the Float Test Form to identify a location, complete the test, and obtain lifeguard signature. Be sure to bring your signed form to the first day of class, or send to our mailing address.

3. Sign a US Rowing Waiver

Sign the online US Rowing Liability Waiver at this link. Enter FTA9E under “Athletes” for the club code.   Note: Our liability insurance is through US Rowing, so to be covered under our insurance, everyone must sign the US Rowing waiver annually. You DO NOT need to pay for an individual US Rowing membership unless you will be racing at a US Rowing sponsored regatta. We will let you know if that is the case.

Summer 2015

Adult Team Competitive Rowing

The Masters Competitive classes will focus on technical skills, race preparation and providing opportunities to race. Competitive class members are expected to participate in scheduled regattas, as well as commit to a strong attendance and workout policy as established and communicated by the coach. This class will include both on-the-water and land training  including erg tests and other racing selection processes, erg workouts, and mandatory off-day workouts.

Group Session Time Days Cost
Early Morning July 6th – Sept 4th 5am-7am M/W/F $310
Mid-Morning July 6th – Sept 4th 9am-11am M/W/F $310
Evening July 7th- Sept 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm 8:30am-11am*Saturday only option available T/Th Sat $310

Adult Team Novice Rowing

This class will take a new rower to the next level of proficiency and provide an introduction to racing for those that are interested. Focus is on developing technique, rowing as a team, race tactics and fitness. More advanced boat handling skills, equipment care, rowing technique and fitness training are covered by this program. Participants will be part of the novice team for 6 to 12 months or until certified by the novice coach to proceed to the experienced class level. Prerequisites: Successful completion of the SRA beginning class series (LTR I and II) or equivalent.

Group Session Time Days Cost
Evening July July 7th – Aug 1st 6:30pm-8:30pm 8:30am-11am T/Th Sat $150
Mid-Morning July July 6th - July 31st 9am-11am M/W/F $150
Early Morning August Aug 3rd – Aug 28th 5am-7am M/W/F $150
Mid-Morning August Aug 3rd – Aug 28th 9am-11am M/W/F $150
Evening August Aug 4th- Aug 29th 6:30pm-8:30pm 8:30am-11am T/Th Sat $150

Information for Rowers Team Uniforms: SRA will submit one group clothing order this season for all rowers. Competitive youth and adult rowing classes do have required regatta uniforms. Regatta Dates/Event Information The SRA Club Calendar contains all upcoming regatta dates and event information. Please be sure to check it out.