Regatta Schedule

2016 Events:

 Mar 19  Green Lake Spring  Seattle,WA Novice Juniors &Masters
 Apr 1-3 San Diego Crew Classic  San Diego, CA Select Junior and Master Crews Only
 Apr 2 Husky Open  Seattle, WA Select Master Crews Only
 Apr 10 Spring Sprints  Lake Stevens, WA Masters
Apr 17  Rose City Invitational Vancouver, WA Experienced Juniors and Select Novice Juniors
Apr 29-May 1 Brentwood  Mill Bay, Canada All Juniors
May 7 Opening Day  Seattle, WA Select Junior and Masters
May 19-22 Youth Regionals Vancouver, WA All Juniors
June 10-12 Youth Nationals Princeton, NJ Qualifying Junior Crews
June 24-26 Masters Regionals Vancouver, WA All Masters

* Ability to bring “all” junior rowers depends on the number of seats available for racing. SRA cannot guarantee participation at these regattas.

** ALL master rowers MUST register prior to each regatta regardless of your payment method.

Steps to pay for regattas:
1) Once you have received an email from the SRA indicating that the regatta fee has been added to your acount, you can click the “Pay Now” button above.

2) Sign in to your Online Thriva Account.

3) Your account balance will be displayed. Click “Make a payment” and follow the prompts.

4) Payment is required prior to the regatta unless otherwise indicated.

5) Please contact for more information regarding regattas and or questions regarding payment/registration.

If you have selected to pay for your regatta fee by check please drop off payment in the black mailbox in the boathouse or mail to the address listed below:

Sammamish Rowing Association

PO Box 3309

Redmond, WA 98073