New To Rowing

Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout an entire lifetime.  It is not an easy sport, but the challenges and trials it presents make the rewards and benefits of the sport much sweeter. Rowing is demanding, both physically and mentally.  It requires focus, dedication, hard work, personal sacrifice, and a willingness to work together as part of a team. These are attributes that serve the rower well throughout life.  The rewards are many, though they are not all obvious, except to the rower and his/her team. Confidence, knowing success, knowing failure, understanding the value of teamwork, and friendship are among them.

Rowing is a very personal sport, measured mostly by one’s own improvement, and occasionally by the sweetness of victory on the racecourse.   It is decidedly character building, and moreover, it is simply fun!

Sweep vs. Sculling?

There are two types of boats or shells used in rowing, sweep boats and sculling boats.  In sweep rowing, each rower uses only one oar.  In sculling, the rower used two smaller oars, or sculls.  Sweep boats can have two, four, or eight rowers.  Sculling boats have one, two, or four rowers. That is the textbook definition. But how do you decide which type of rowing is better for you? Learn the difference and the benefits of both types of rowing here



INTERESTED IN TRYING ROWING? Are you an adult or youth (13 years or older) interested in learning more about upcoming beginning rowing classes at the Sammamish Rowing Association? If so, come on down to our boathouse for our introductory course in rowing. To learn more and see a schedule of upcoming Row for a Day dates click here!


Sammamish Rowing Association is the only rowing facility on the Eastside. It’s located on the north end of Lake Sammamish, a quiet body of water that let’s you relish both the power and the serenity of the stroke. We offer Learn to Row programs for both Youth (Novice) and Adults. Let us help you experience the art of rowing.

It’s a great art, is rowing. It’s the finest art there is. It’s a symphony of motion. And when you’re rowing well, why it’s nearing perfection. And when you reach perfection you’re touching the divine. It touches the you of you’s, which is your soul.
–George Pocock