Rowing For Adults

mstrltroverviewNot everybody wins, and certainly not everybody wins all the time. But once you get into your boat and push off, tie into your shoes and bootstretchers, then “lean on the oars,” you have indeed won far more than those who have never tried.
(Unknown Rower)

We’d like to welcome you to Sammamish Rowing Association. We are a community club – our mission is to make rowing accessible to everyone in the area. The benefits of rowing for adults are plentiful — you get to be outdoors on beautiful Lake Sammamish, working every large muscle group in your body (slowly at first, then working up to harder workouts as your fitness and technique improve). You are learning with other beginners — people who are “in the same boat” as you. Whether you want to row with a crew or by yourself, competitively or recreationally, SRA has a program for you.

We offer numerous on-water Learn To Row classes in the spring, summer and fall, and offer Fitness and Conditioning classes using rowing machines and weights over the winter. These classes are designed to initiate you into rowing and require only a four-week commitment. They are offered at a wide variety of times that fit into almost any schedule.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want to start off in in a sculling boat or a sweep boat. Then check the Learn To Row class schedule for a time that work best for you.

Welcome, and we look forward to seeing you on the water!