New Boathouse Project

A New Boathouse for Sammamish Rowing!

Sammamish Rowing Association is building a new boathouse!  After years of waiting, fundraising and hoping, SRA rowers are thrilled to watch the daily dramatic changes to the property. Our new boathouse is becoming a reality at last!

bay view

Construction schedule

The projected dates below are subject to change, depending on funding.

Phase I: July 2010-March 2011: COMPLETED

  • Prepare site, lay in utilities, mitigate changes to wetlands (protect fragile areas, remove invasive plants, replant with native species- ongoing).

Phase II: November 2010-March 2011:  COMPLETED

  • Add two-way turn lane on West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  Involves widening (paving) and striping the road.
  • Connect water, electricity and sewer to the main lines under West Lake Samm
  • Install conduits for phone cable and fiber opitc cable.
  • Complete work in parking lots.  Includes grading, paving and re-designing parking lot access road.
Phase III: Spring 2011-Spring 2013 COMPLETEDaddress
  • Continue work on 2011 capital campaign
  • Complete building foundation
  • Order and receive pre-engineered building
  • Erect building

Phase IV: Spring 2013-Spring 2016

  • Move boats!
  • Complete second floor of building (office space, locker rooms, meeting room, etc.)
  • Demo existing boathouse

New boathouse design

At 12,000 square feet, the new, two-story facility will be four times larger than SRA’s current boathouse. The sleek, modern design will feature an exterior clad in contrasting metal siding, as well as numerous windows throughout to create a light and airy feel.

Ground floor

The ground floor will house three boat bays, with ample room for rowing shells of all sizes. The boat bays will be generously proportioned to allow rowers carrying multiple boats to pass one another without snagging riggers or scraping shells. The bays will be long enough to allow two fours to be stored end to end. Storage capacity for SRA-owned shells will increase dramatically over our current boathouse. Additionally, the new boathouse will include numerous racks for private shells, significantly expanding SRA’s private-boat storage capacity.

The boat bay area will include oar racks, cox box storage, and a sculling station. In addition, the ground floor will contain a shop for repair and maintenance work, a large storage closet, a restroom, and a laundry area with washer and dryer. An exterior staircase will fan out at the bottom, providing an outdoor location for coaches to meet with their teams.

Second floor

The hallmark of the second floor will be the great room. This expansive multipurpose room will serve as an exercise facility for indoor-training days and will feature abundant space for ergs, weight equipment, and floor-mat work. Its long wall of glass-paneled doors will let in light even on the gloomiest Northwest days. The great room, which will open onto a sizable deck, will serve as a venue for team meetings and social events.

Also on the second floor will be staff offices, a coaches’ office, a meeting room with kitchenette, storage rooms, and locker room facilities that will include lockers, bathrooms, and showers. The meeting room may be available after school hours as a homework room, for juniors who arrive early or stay late after practice.

Launch storage

Once construction is complete on the new boathouse, the old boathouse will be torn down. The concrete pad will be left intact and will be fenced to provide secure storage for launches and for a fuel tank. Pop-up boat covers will provide protection for the launches, as well as for any shells which may need to be stored outdoors.


Simon Williams of City Gate Design, who also happens to be our Junior Novice Boys Coach.

ARC Architects, a Seattle-based firm founded in 1976, designed SRA’s new boathouse.

Why build a new boathouse?

In just 20 years, Sammamish Rowing Association has grown from a group of 30 rowers operating out of an abandoned boat shed to a team of more than 400 rowers dreaming of a permanent home.

SRA’s current boathouse is antiquated and undersized. It lacks sufficient space to house all of the association’s equipment, so many boats are stored outdoors. To maximize space for rowers and boats, offices have been kept off-site, separating SRA’s director and staff from its people and activities. The facility has no running water, no bathrooms or showers, and minimal electrical service. The roof leaks, and the occasional rodent has been seen wandering the facility.

Despite the limitations of SRA’s current boathouse, rowers keep coming to Sammamish, and SRA is eager to welcome more. SRA is committed to meeting the growing demand for rowing on the Eastside and to providing an environment which supports and guides rowers. Because of cramped facilities, however, the organization has outgrown its current space and has had to limit the growth of new programs. A new boathouse will enable SRA to keep the sport of rowing alive and flourishing on the Eastside.

Paying for the project

Sammamish Rowing Association’s new boathouse is projected to cost $3.3 million. SRA has already raised almost $2.5 million. About one third of that amount has been spent on design and permitting. Building on a protected wetland made for a challenging building site and a lengthy permitting process which required architects, civil engineers, geologists, wetland biologists, surveyors and a variety of other professional services.

The early financial support of SRA rowers, parents and friends, in addition to a major grant through King County’s Community Partnerships and Grants Program, was critical to getting the project to the point that construction is finally underway. To raise the remaining funds, SRA is undertaking a capital campaign, which will seek support from the immediate Sammamish Rowing Association community as well as the broader community at large.

Capital campaign

Sammamish Rowing Association has an active capital campaign going to fund construction of the new boathouse. If you would like to be involved with the Capital Campaign Committee please email

Impact on the wetlands

The new boathouse will not disturb any of the wetlands in the area. It is being built completely within a wetland buffer, a natural area that protects wetlands. In addition, SRA is doing significant mitigation work as part of the construction project. Mitigation will involve efforts to protect, restore and enhance the wetlands. For more information about the mitigation efforts, click here.

We need you!

As we launch into this next phase to finish building our community boathouse, we need everyone’s help. Click here to find out where you can use your talents to make this boathouse a reality.