SRA plans to construct the new boathouse in two phases. The first phase consists primarily of utility and site preparation work. Much of this work can only be done during the dry summer months and so must be completed by the end of September. The second phase consists of the construction of the boathouse itself.  Phase 1 construction started August , 2010.  See weekly construction schedule, full phasing schedule and detailed Phase 1 phasing information below.

Weekly Construction Schedule:
Click below to view each week’s updated construction schedule via PDF:

Overall Phasing Schedule as of 8/10/2010:

Start End
Phase 1 Site Work and Utilities 7/26/10 9/30/10
Remove trees
Remove berm to enable wetland construction
Construct building pad using berm material
Gravel surface of building pad
Trench and install tilities from building site to within 20 feet of existing site gate
Site lighting rough in from gate to building pad
Coordinate electrical service engineering with PSE
Mitigation 10/1/10 3/15/11
Build new wetland
Enhance existing wetland and wetland buffer area (> 3 acres)
Remove invasive species from site (blackberries, canary grass, etc)
Plant over 10,000 native plants
Install temporary irrigation
Phase 2 W. Lake Sammamish Work 11/06/10 12/25/10
Complete water, electric and sewer connections on road
Replace 40 ft of existing water main, per Redmond’s requirement
Widen W. Lake Samm. Pkwy and install 2-way turn lane
Bury existing above-ground utilities
Parking lot entry revisions and re-paving
Phase 3 Foundation 5/7/11 5/28/11
Construct concrete foundation slab
Connect utilities and bring them under the slab
Phase 4 Erect Building Shell 6/4/11 7/30/11
Erect building exterior as a weather tight enclosure
Construct building framing
Add exterior siding and paneling
Add roof insulation, roofing and flashing
Add all other exterior site work, fencing and gravel at access road
8/1/11 10/1/11
Phase 5 Final Building Interior & Old Boathouse Demolition
Add building rough in for electrical
Add building rough in for plumbing
Add building rough in for fire protection
Add HVAC equipment and rough in
Add elevator
Add thermal insulation
Add drywall – light orange peel texture – ready for paint
Allow 2 weeks for painting & cabinets by owner
Install electrical, mechanical, fire protection, HVAC trims
Finalize Elevator inspection
Finalize other inspections to degree allowed
Demonstrate systems to owner
Demolish old boathouse
Fence old boathouse pad
Install gasoline tank in old boathouse area
Install boat racks
Get occupancy permit, move in to new boathouse!

The following images show the current plan for sequencing the work for phase 1. Click on any image below for a high-resolution view, or here to see the original PDF.