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hdradultclassesRow For A Day

INTERESTED IN TRYING ROWING? Are you an adult or youth (age 13 or beyond) interested in learning more about upcoming beginning rowing classes at the Sammamish Rowing Association? If so, come on down to our boathouse for our introductory course in rowing. You’ll experience a day of rowing: both land training and on-the-water instruction included. This is a great chance to see what rowing is all about! After class you’ll have the chance to learn about our beginning classes. The program is $50. All questions can be addressed to Info@srarowing.com. Click here for dates and registration.

Adult Program

If you have never picked up an oar before, or have less than 8 weeks rowing experience, these are the classes for you! We offer a variety of Adult Level Classes. Beginning with our adult Learn to Row classes which will teach you the fundamentals of rowing including the rowing stroke, water safety, equipment orientation, and basic land training. Class participants will learn the basic sculling stroke in boats of one, two or four people.  The Adult Team Classes provide both on-the-water and land training and will focus on improving both technical skill and physical conditioning. These teams will work in a variety of rowing shells and will include both sweep and sculling. We also provide Sculling Specific Classes to rowers from intermediate to advanced skill level. Participants in our technical rowing series must have completed both courses of our Learn to Row series. Our sculling classes are generally small in number and focus on a range of skills including technique and fitness.

Youth Program

Joining the team is easy. If you have a good attitude and commitment, you’ll be on the team.  At Sammamish, there are many ways to be involved with rowing. Athletes can choose any combination of seasons and programs that works for their interests and schedules. Athletes can participate in one, two, or each rowing season per year. Many choose to row in both the spring and the fall while others just row each summer. The choice is yours. Click here to learn more about our youth classes and to register!