Flower Baskets Fundraiser

The Junior rowers typically run a flower basket fundraiser each spring.  In past year’s we have fuchsia and summer annual hanging baskets for sale. The baskets are produced by Henry’s Nursery in Everett.  These baskets retail for at least $55 at fine garden centers such as Wells-Medina and Swanson’s.

We’re selling 12″ premium fuchsia hanging baskets, 12″ full sun mixed annual baskets or 12” shade mixed annual baskets for $38.  We are not able to provide a choice on the variety of fuchsia.  We will receive a mix of colors & cannot guarantee which will be delivered.  In general, fuchsias come in pink, purple & white combinations.

As in past years, $10 from each basket can be applied directly to the Junior rowers account to be used toward future class, travel or regatta expenses or to the New Boathouse Fund. If you are a Masters rower, we invite you to join us this year in selling flower baskets.

Spring 2014

(1) The Flower-Basket-order-form-2014with product description and Flower Baskets Flyer will be given to each Junior Rower.  These forms will also available at the boathouse.

(2)  Contact your friends, family, neighbors and take their orders. Each participant should set a goal to sell at least 10 baskets – that’s a $100 profit! Show the gorgeous baskets flyer to your friends, family and neighbors.  You could even send an email to out-of-towners and request they donate directly.

(3)  Orders and payment (checks or cash) will be due Friday, April 18th .  Prepayment for all orders is required at the time the order is taken.   Checks should be made payable to SRA. Completed orders should be placed in the black, locked mailbox in the boathouse.

(4)  Baskets will be delivered to Marilyn Polis’s house (same as last year) Wednesday, May 7th. (BEFORE Mother’s Day!!) It is extremely important that flowers be picked up on this day. After May 7th all flowers will be taken to the office but will not be watered or cared for by the staff.  (Directions to Marilyn’s house will be sent later, she lives just blocks from SRA boathouse.)

The baskets are so beautiful – they practically sell themselves! Thank you for your interest. Please contact any of the fundraising committee members with questions. Good Luck and happy selling

Questions? Contact any of the fundraising committee members with questions. Good luck and happy selling!

JPC – Junior@srarowing.com

Kerry Scanlan- kerryscanlan@comcast.net