Junior Awards

Sammamish Rowing Association – Junior Awards and 2010 Awards Banquet

On May 23, 2010, our annual Sammamish Rowing Association awards banquet was held at Vasa Park Resort’s event hall.  Nearly all of the 136 juniors participating in the program were in attendance along with their family members totalling close to 375 guests. The event was a huge success with all rowers receiving acknowledgement for their efforts during the 2009 fall and 2010 spring seasons.  Seniors were given special gifts for their accomplishments, and special awards were given in the following categories:

Experienced Girls – Head Coach,  Courtney Moeller; Assistant Coach, Pam Marshall

Ryan D. Monahan Award: Emily Cummins, Sammamish High School, 2011
Most Improved:  Rachel Connelly, Inglewood Junior High, 2014
Most Inspirational: Paulina Alvarado, Bellevue High School, 2011
Oarswoman of the Year: Erin Antono, International High School, 2011

Experienced Boys – Head Coach, Sam Greenblatt; Assistant Coach, Micah Perrin

Ryan D. Monahan Award: Ali Hyder, Eastlake High School, 2011
Most Improved: Blake Knuth, Skyline High School, 2012
Most Inspirational: Jackson Reed, Homeschool, 2011
Oarsman of the Year: Alex Lund, Inglemoor High School, 2011

Novice Girls – Coach Devon Carroll; Assistant Coach Ashley Howard

Most Improved: Madison Mariani, Snoqualmie Middle School, 2015
Most Inspirational: Justyn Jacobs, Interlake High Schoo, 2013

Novice Boys – Coach Simon Williams; Assistant Coach Ashley Howard

Most Improved: Johannes Gees
Most Inspirational: Nicholas Rauch, Homeschool, 2014

Definitions for the awards:

Ryan D. Monahan Award: Named in honor of the first Sammamish Rowing Association junior coach, this award is chosen by the coaches and is awarded to the experienced girl and experienced boy that embodies the following characteristics:  Spirit of sportsmanship, dedication to the team, teammates and their own training.  Commitment to SRA and team spirit.  Honesty and integrity.

Most Improved: Chosen by the coach and given to the rower that is considered to have improved in their rowing skills more than any other on the team.

Most Inspirational: Voted on by their teammates, this award is given to the experienced girl and experienced boy that has inspired their teammates to push harder, set high standards and leads by example every day of the season.

Oarsman of the Year: Chosen by the coach and given to the outstanding girl/boy athlete and contributor to the team.