Parent Information


Spring 2014 Parent Meetings:

  • Experienced Parent Meeting


  • Novice Parent Meeting:


  • Both meetings will be held at the LWSD Headquarter in Redmond Town Center -Map it here!


Get Connected and Get Communications!

Join the SRA Juniors Yahoo group to get the latest information about upcoming regattas, travel logistics, and other SRA news. This group is for you, the parents! To join the group, go to Please feel free to post a message if you have questions, share information or ask questions of other parents.

SRA Parent Handbook

The sport of rowing is demanding and rewarding, but also confusing to those new to the sport. This Parent Handbook will help you and your rower through the first year and beyond.

SRA Parking Lot

We have a large number of cars coming in and out of the SRA parking lot, due to the size of our thriving Junior Program. To help make pickup and drop off easier, we need everyone to follow a few simple rules. Here is our parking lot policy; it is important that you follow this in order to keep our parking lot safe and accident free.

Parent Volunteerism

We have some of the best rowers on the water, and now our goal is to build a parental support program to match. Parent volunteerism is key to this. We want to be one of the best programs in the nation, on and off the water. Please take a moment to look over these Parent Volunteer Opportunities. Then contact the Junior Parent Committee to let them know how you can help. Honestly, your help makes all the difference.

Rowing Clothing

What your child wears while rowing can have a big effect on their safety and happiness. Find out what this should be here.

Youth Program Calendar

The calendar has the regatta schedule for this season and other important dates. Athletes are expected to attend as many regattas as possible. We encourage parents to do so as well. Whether you are an old hand at regattas, or have never been to one in your life, here are some articles to help:

10 Steps for Surviving a Regatta

What should we pack for a regatta?

Here are the course maps and extra information regarding regularly-attended regattas:

Green Lake Map

Head of the Lake

Tail of the Lake

Brentwood Regatta

Northwest Junior Regionals

Other Articles

Here’s some advice on Dealing With Rowing Coaches, and on How to Move Up to the “A” Boat.

Photo Gallery

SRA has created a gallery of photo albums from practices, regattas and other club events ums”>here. You can send links of these photos to friends and family, and even purchase prints, mugs, etc. If you would like to contribute photos to the SRA gallery, please contact us.