Youth Competitive Classes


The Youth Competitive Team is open to those athletes going into at least their Freshman year in high school

Novice Youth Competitive Rowing

Rowers who intend to join the competitive novice team in the fall may participate in the summer novice rowing camp. The purpose of the camp will be to provide an introduction to the sport through beginning and intermediate technical instruction. Rowers may only sign up for 1 session. If space is available, signing up for a second session may be offered.

Regular attendance is required for our competitive teams. Rowers who have significant schedule conflicts are not encouraged to enroll. Practices will be fun but rowers will be expected to focus and learn. Novice rowers will gain a basic understanding for competitive rowing by developing technical skills, learning how the competitive team operates, and working with the competitive novice coaches. Rowers who participate in the summer Competitive Novice team will be more prepared for the fall season and the racing which starts only a few weeks in to fall.

Session Team Enrollment Time Days/Cost
Aug 4th-29th Novice Girls 18 7am-10am M-F $320
Aug 4th-29th Novice Boys 18 7am-10am M-F $320

Experienced Youth Competitive Rowing

Two 4-week sessions will be offered for the experienced rowers. The focus will be on developing technical rowing ability through the use of small boats, including singles, pairs, and doubles. Enrollment is limited to 16 rowers for each session, 8 on the M/W/F schedule, and 8 on the T/Th/F schedule. Rowers may only sign up for 1 session. If space is available, signing up for a second session may be offered.

If signed up for either summer session, rowers are expected to miss no more than 2 practices. If you have a conflict that will force you to miss more, please refrain from signing up. For the program to be effective, attendance needs to be high, and space is reserved exclusively for rowers who can attend at least 10 of the 12 planned practices. In signing up, rowers must choose either the M/W/F or T/Th/F schedule.

Land training will be limited to core exercises and technique/steady-state workouts on the ergs. There will be no erg tests, weight training, or running. The focus will be entirely on developing sound technical rowing ability. For rowers who want to focus on developing strength or fitness, the summer rowing sessions are NOT a good fit. For rowers who want to develop their technical ability and/or gain experience in small boats, the summer rowing sessions are a good fit.

*Since the focus is small boats, coxswains will only be used on Fridays and do not need to register. Instead please have them speak directly to their coaches about volunteering for the summer if they are interested.

Session Enrollment Time Days
Aug 4th-29th 10 Boys 7am-9am M/W/F
Aug 5th-29th 10 Girls 7am-9am T/Th/F